I have been a blogger for over 15 years! I frequently write health blogs, but I am able to write interesting, search engine optimized (SEO) blogs on any topic. I have written hundreds of blogs. The following are just a few examples.

Health Blogs

As a dietitian, health blogging is one of my specialties. I love conceiving and creating blogs that are consumer-friendly and fun to read. Adding in SEO, healthy literacy, and usability, I ensure that every blog leads to increased consumer engagement. Following are just a few of the blogs (as PDFs) I have written for clients and employers:

Happy Healthy HerI also created my own Natural Health Blog for Women at The content is more personal in nature, but still reflects the quality of my work.

Hospice Blogs

As the Communications Manager for Regional Hospice and Home Care, I created a series of patient stories and general hospice blogs to help visitors understand the importance and value hospice care. The following are examples as PDFs:

If you are interested in having a blog of your own, I can get you started, so that you can blog yourself. Or, I can manage your blog for you. Contact Me to get started.