I believe everyone should have a website! My websites are designed to be simple and educational. There’s not a lot of flashy design. They are clear and concise so that visitors can easily access the information they are looking for.

I have built or managed the following website projects, incorporating custom branding, SEO, and web content to fit my client or employer’s unique needs.

Animal Assisted Therapy Services

In January 2012, I designed a website for the nonprofit organization, Animal Assisted Therapy Services, Inc. based on the free platform, Weebly. Building on photos provided by the client, and expanding on text that had already been in use on a static website, I:

Sample Web Site

  • Incorporated elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that enabled the site to be quickly found on Google (something that the previous, image-based site had not been able to achieve).
  • Integrated callouts for donations, requests for volunteers, and promotion of the group’s Facebook page – features that were critical to the organization’s development.
  • Incorporated the agency’s PayPal account into the site so the transmission of money for donations and event payments were seamless.
  • Added more detailed program pages, an engaging photo gallery, and more to help grow AATS’s audience.

Adora Calcium – Thompson Brands

Thompson BrandsFrom December 2006 through 2010, I managed all web marketing activities for Adora Calcium Supplements and Thompson Brands including producing a monthly health newsletter, creating all web content, executing e-mail campaigns, creating social media accounts, and managing all website activities (hosting, domain registration, etc.):

In addition,

  • Between March 2007 and October 2007 I implemented a site redesign for In that short span of time, I revised the navigation, rewrote all 75+ pages of health web content, and implemented SEO (search engine optimization) elements which enabled the site to achieve and maintain “Top 10” Google placement for the valuable term “calcium supplements”.
  • In July 2008, I selected, designed, and independently integrated a new e-commerce and hosting platforms which saved the company over $5000 per year.
  • In March 2010, I completed a site relaunch with new site copy and imagery for all three company sites:,,

My combined efforts amounted to increased online sales and significant cost savings for the company. I managed all of these activities on a part-time schedule with minimal budget.

Charter Oak State College

While working part time for Charter Oak State College (in 2006), I managed the web marketing elements for a complete redesign of the website including rewriting and revising over 80 pages of web content. In particular, examples of pages that I created include [links open in a new window]:

  • A Prospective Student Directory  [PDF] that helped students find vital information quickly.
  • An Overview page [PDF] provided a summary of the most important information.
  • An Advantages [PDF] page clearly spelling out how the college excelled over other online programs.

The college’s website traffic increased dramatically while I was there, as did their student applications and course enrollments.

I also manage my own websites. This site, and:

Web Health Writer WebsiteWeb Health Writer
Happy Healthy Her WebsiteHappy Healthy Her

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