Nonprofit Communication Materials


I’ve spent much of my career helping nonprofit organizations advance their causes. As you will see below, I have worked on all types of communications projects. My clients and employers have included the following organizations:

  • UConn Health, Center for Population Health, SNAP-Ed (4/17-6/20)
  • Regional Hospice and Palliative Care (2016)
  • Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (CFGNH) (2012 -2015)
  • Universal Health Care Foundation CT (2010)

In each of these roles, I provided content creation, along with web management, data analysis, and social media strategy. Find specific examples by project type below:

Fundraising Stories / Storytelling

Storytelling is a very powerful way to raise funds. I have created short, powerful, digital stories designed to be shared online as web articles, submitted as press releases, and also used in social media to earn long-term exposure.

Connecticut Nonprofit Story
Sample story at

Grant Stories

From November 2014 through July 2015, I completed a series of 23 grantee stories highlighting the impact of the CFGNH’s funding on nonprofits in the Greater New Haven community. The stories required detailed research, interviews, and sourcing photos under tight deadlines. [View PDF: New Haven Grantee Stories ]

Patient Stories / Wishes Album

Regional Hospice and Palliative Care serves patients as they bravely approach the end of their lives. It was my great privilege to be able to share some of the beautiful stories that highlight the agency’s caring work in the community. [View PDF: Hospice Patient Stories ]

Working from those powerful stories, I created a photo “Wishes Album” that was given to top donors as a “Thank You” for their generous support. [View PDF: Patient Wishes Book ]

Annual Reports / Infographics

Annual reports are a great way to share an organization’s successes. Infographics are another short, sweet way to give a snapshot of project highlights. I can create either project based on your unique needs.

UConn Health / SNAP-Education Grant

Impact Reports

While working at UConn Health, I produced the following reports and infographics to showcase our very small team’s work in fulfilling the SNAP-Education Grant from the USDA. [All files open as PDFs]

Print Newsletters

The Community Fund for Women & Girls supports females throughout Greater New Haven. I wrote and edited their print newsletter from 2014-2015. Following are 2 examples. [All files open as PDFs]

The Community Fund for Women & Girls Newsletter

Womens Fund Newsletter

Advocacy Brochures / Fact Sheets

Hospice Fact Sheet

Regional Hospice and Home Care’s marketing team needed a one-page fact sheet to help explain the value of the agency’s services. Hospice Center Fact Sheet [PDF]

Health Reform Toolkit

I designed, edited, and laid out all components of a “Media Tool Kit” for health care reform including 19 items. The project required working nights and weekends to beat an aggressive deadline. [*Note – design was completed in MS Publisher so client could make edits. All copy was provided by client (Universal Health Care Foundation CT). Files open as PDFs]


UConn Health – SNAP4CT Presentations

The online health platform ( that I managed for UConn Health was presented at several conferences.

Training Materials

CFGNH Training Manual

CFGNH is committed to educating the nonprofits that they serve. To assist with these efforts, in 2013 I edited their β€œNonprofit User Guide” [PDF] to make it easier to understand through visual aids, a table of contents, and detailed, step-by-step instructions.

I offer affordable, comprehensive communications services. If your nonprofit organization needs communications assistance, please Contact Me today.