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Email newsletters allow you to educate and entertain your audience. I love putting together engaging, uplifting eNewsletters that support my clients’ goals while providing valuable information. Everyone wins!

For two former employers, I successfully designed email newsletters that not only served to increase exposure of products, programs, and services, but also provided enduring web content (blogs) that drove additional engagement long after the email was sent. eNewsletter


While serving as Digital Communications Manager for UConn Health’s SNAP-Education grant from (4/2017-6/2020), I implemented a free cookbook program that greatly increased eNewsletter subscribers (from 687 to 2085.) I also helped my small team save money by independently designing all health blogs and over 32 health email newsletters from 4/2018 to 6/2020.

Find links to all of the online SNAP4CT newsletters here, or click the links below to see individual newsletters as PDFs.

Adora Calcium – Women’s Circle of Health

Women's Circle of Health

As the Web Communications Manager for Adora Calcium from 12/2006-4/2010, I designed and wrote over 40 monthly email newsletters. The popular eNewsletter, the “Women’s Circle of Health”, went to 25,000 subscribers. I was able to engage readers with contests and giveaways. I often received messages from readers saying how much they looked forward to the fun, helpful information in their in-box!

If you would like to set up an email newsletter, I can help you with all the details from managing your subscriber list to writing your content, contact me to get started!