Nonprofit Communications

Words Have PowerWords are powerful! They can inspire, uplift, energize – and yes, they can encourage the purchase of products and services. As a writer-for-hire, I have helped many companies sell with my words. While that does help me put gas in my car, it doesn’t always fuel my heart.

My writing and web projects are more than just words and HTML to me; they are my babies. I put my heart and soul into every single one, giving them a life of their own. That is why I have chosen to provide special services and lower rates for nonprofit organizations.

Writing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have unique needs.  Nonprofit communication pieces must effectively address many audiences (clients, funders, volunteers, etc.) while maintaining a consistent voice. The key is to uncover the humanity behind the mission in order to connect with people and show them easy ways they can help themselves and others. I can help you do that by crafting stories, researching grant funding, and by spreading your message though social media, press releases, and more.

“Although I have worked with many skilled writers, it is Michelle’s ability to quickly ascertain the essence of an organization and to create an effective and compelling “voice” for the organization that sets her apart.” – Peggy Britt, Executive Director , Women & Family Life Center

Web Management for Nonprofits

Web developers and web design firms have many clients. Likewise, they often have hefty fees. Both are a necessity for them to simply stay in business. While many large web firms offer special rates for nonprofits in good faith, they aren’t always able to give their nonprofit clients their full attention. This means projects can take longer with simple web edits sometimes taking days or weeks. In addition, web firms generally handle design and technology alone, they don’t provide editing, content ideas, or health information. I am able to serve as a “one-stop shop” for all your web content needs. I can set up affordable web hosting, provide quick and accurate web updates, and offer content ideas for social media and more.

Please visit my portfolio for examples of Nonprofit Communication Materials or Contact Me (203-506-1024). I look forward to hearing from you!